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"jewelz"- our defn.: an all encompassing term that includes not only jewelry, but all other accessories that accentuates and completes a desired look. Examples: scarves, hats, belts, bags etc.

jewelz by julz..."The Collection!" is a a premier online fine fashion jewelry boutique.  In business since 2009,  our aim is to carry just a select few pieces in order to offer our customers boutique style exclusivity.

While we choose to carry a minimal amount of jewelry our product range is rather wide and diverse. Should you not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us and offer suggestions. This is how we are able to build "The Collection!"

Our prices are the most competitive since no wholesale purchases are necessary and shipping, regardless of the quanitity,  is always FREE. We offer daily deals as will be seen with our "julz's jewelry jar" and with our limited supply please be sure to visit daily so that you don't miss out!

Always remember, "When you think of jewelz...Think of Julz!"